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TrueFile provides multiple ways to discover and manage duplicate files

Full Scan -

Choose a network or local share and perform a full scan.   The meta data of your files will analysed to produce a list of duplicate file information.  This is a very powerful tool to uncover how much redundant data is present on the network.

Manage Duplicate Information -

Reporting is only part of the equation.  TrueFile allows you to search on a specific share then also identify the user who owns the data.  

Advanced Clean Up -

To take action you select the operation desired (Move, Copy, or Delete).  All data movement is logged by default.  You can decide to archive by default and just move to a secondary location.  No additional software or agents are required.

Simplified Search Features -

Scan data once then filter data by file type, user,  or age and quickly identify the files you are looking for.

Powerful Reporting -

Automate User reports by email, schedule full data analysis monthly to compare for compliancy or efficiency.  Reports are created in multiple formats for your convenience (HTML, MS Word, MS Excel).

More Information

Enterprise Policy Management

Identifying data is a great first step, if managing the data is the next logical step, then setting policies to perform those management task on a repeating basis would be required for a true Data Life Cycle Management product.

Full Policy Engine Included

Create policies to insure you remain compliant or comply to a new archiving strategy.

Want to remove mp3 or tivo files from user home folders, without an automated policy the files could be copied back the next day and you are back where you started.

Create a task against specific shares or folders and select the action and based on rules you define then create as a reoccurring policy.

Enterprise Features

On-Screen Identification -

Quickly determine how many duplicate files are present with the on-screen reporting allowing you to scroll through files on screen.  Auto sort the information by clicking on the column harder to quickly organize by quantity or amount of data.



Duplicate File Manager

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Product Brief

* User Permissions and File Rights maintained for archive, or migration with Logging of all file movement