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True File  FAQ

Q: Do I have to wait for a Full Scan to identify which users own files?

A: No True File will dynamically show the user from Folder View or use Search to find and Migrate Data

Q: Are my servers at risk in any way by running True File?

A: No you can install on a Desktop or Sever to insure stability is never a concern; all analysis is done from the host workstation by analyzing meta data only.

Q: Can I use a 64 Bit workstation?

A: Yes we support a 32 Bit or 64 Bit OS.

Q: How long does a full scan take?

A: As a multi-threaded application the time to scan is minimized but the size of the files will determine the actual time required.   True File can scan more than a million files in under 30 minutes.  If the host where True File is installed is very busy, the application may not run mullti-thread processing to keep from limiting the host from other processes.

Q: Do I have to do a Full Scan each time to see or a file analysis?

A: No absolutely not, you can just click on Folder View and start analyzing the percentage of total capacity each folder is using and which user owns the share.  This allows the ability to dynamically drill down to find “file hogs” quickly. You can also search on specific file types and perform full Migrations without performing a scan.

Q: How do I get the full Professional Report with cover page?

A: After a Full Scan a single encrypted file is created that you load into TRUE FILE Reporter and select Create Report.  TRUE FILE Reporter will pause briefly while the data is analyzed then a browser will open with the results.  A report in Microsoft Word© is also created automatically.

Q: Will my workstation need to be dedicated to True File?

A: No you will notice when the analysis is being performed utilization will spike as chucks of data are gathered at the workstation only.  You can minimize True File and work on something else if you want it will run in the back ground and auto minimize to the system tray in the right hand corner of the screen.  

Q: Can I close the application then create the Full Report latter when I have time to review?

A: Yes anytime a full scan is performed the data is captured to a file and can be used anytime.

Q: Do you capture any actual data from our network during scanning or file analysis?

A: No, never.  True File will only look at the meta data about the file, no actual data is ever captured or analyzed.

We take the security of your data very seriously to insure we are compliant as we help you better understand your data.

Q: I have a temporary or demo license how can I get a report?

A: Go to the support page and choose “Submit Results for a FREE Report”.  The report will be emailed to you with analysis.

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