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 Features included in TrueFile:

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You will receive a physical CD shipped to you upon receipt of payment or verified PO.

License keys are emailed separately for security. You may also download the software from our website.

For questions please email Support@Storworks.com

Get Paid for Referrals

Fill out as much information as you can, this makes it easier for us to track the sale and get you paid.

With TrueFile you can run an assessment without any disruption to the customers production environment and identify the following:

If the customer purchases TrueFile

 you get a $100.00 it’s just that easy.

Steps to getting referrals:

1) Find companies online, look for company names to register (you must include company name and a contact so we can match the purchase to your registration).

2) Use the email sample below we have already written for you.

3) The PDF attachment is optional.

4) Wait to get paid!

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