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Can the product you rely on now manage data using automated policies, migrate date and retain user permissions, archive data with stubbing?

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Solving the Data Growth Problem

• Data Growth will be 9x in 5 years!

• Currently 80% of All Data is Inactive - according to Gartner Research.

• More then 90% of the data was unstructured both user and machine generated.

The challenge is that growth is expected to increase 50x while the IT field will increase roughly 50%. In our economy IT budgets are still expected to remain flat in most organizations.

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       A short printable .pdf explaining the solution to the current data problem.


“Before TrueFile my team would stop and delete old files three times a year to clear up expensive network storage. What a drain on our productivity…The power is in the policy management and automated reporting.

Susan B.

TrueFile Enterprise Customer

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Gain full control of how resources are being used to the file level with full data migration features to monitor and manage data from a single tool!

Product Brief

Enterprise Policy Based File Management